What sets us apart from other disposal waste companies

dump truck

Dump Truckers is an established organisation with over 10 year’s accumulative experience in the waste management industry. Our elevated service delivery includes consistency and reliability as our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have an extensive service offering which includes Septic Waste Pumping and Disposal as well as Grease Trap solutions.

Our client base includes over 400 contexts and industries, which includes but is not limited to Municipality’s, Hotels, and Conference facilities, Chicken farms, Game lodges as well as industrial contexts with a spectrum of residential and commercial contexts. Each site has specialised treatment plants in place and Dump Truckers accommodates each individual client’s requirements.

Dump Truckers ensure operational efficiency on all sites. Grease trapping is a professional service available from Dump Truckers. The core purpose of grease trapping is to effectively remove, clean and dispose of waste, which ultimately prevents solids, greases, fats and oils from contaminating the outbound lines.

Investing in Grease Trapping Services and Septic Waste Management from Dump Truckers will reduce operational costs on site and will significantly decrease the likelihood of blockages and flooding around structural components. Dump Truckers is an environmentally conscious organisation that combines advanced techniques and equipment to keep your environment clean and secure.

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